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All of us need friends. Especially when you first arrive in a new country. Sometimes it is a different culture, often a completely new environment, different rules and regulations. It always helps if you have someone to talk to, someone who can empathize with you, or someone with whom you can just spend time over coffee when you have left all the people you've known in a different country.

My experience has been that Vancouverites are very friendly people and when they find out that you've just moved here, they are eager to help you out and give you pointers. It is up to you though to make the first move. Just talk to people you meet in shops, cafes, restaurants etc. and you'll not be disappointed. There are also a lot of ethnic groups here, though I must admit I have not made any efforts to contact them. However, that might be another avenue to explore. As I find out more information I will post it here. Vancouver's population has increased by 25% over the last 10 years and this has been mainly due to immigrants. So, you should not have trouble meeting people from your own or different ethnic groups.

Since I put up this web site, I've received emails from a lot of people around the world. Some of them who have moved to Vancouver have contacted me and it has been a great experience meeting them. Others who are in the process of moving here have contacted me and expressed their interest in meeting me. If you are interested in getting to know me feel free to contact me.

On this page I'd also like to provide information about immigrants who will be "Landing", or have "Landed", or anybody else who just wants to make friends. If you want your information posted here, email me.

Newcomers' Info
Name & Country Email / Web Site Brief Details
Ben Yap
Ben's email Ben is an MIS professional and landed with his wife and two children on Jan 15, 2000. After landing, Ben started the the van-immi Yahoo Group whose mandate is to deal with issues related to immigration to Vancouver.
K.G. Ramesh
Ramesh's email Ramesh is a Chemical Engineer and plans to apply for Permanent Residency soon.
Amir Navaz
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Amir's email Amir is a Project Administrator and he landed in Toronto on Oct 5, 2000.
Clare Keating-Husk
Clare's email Clare works in higher education Administration. She landed in Vancouver in Aug. 2001. As a moderator of the van-immi Yahoo Group Clare has played an active role in helping newcomers.

Community Sites

Here's a list of community sites in Vancouver:

Internet       canadaho.com

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 First Posted on: 13th Nov, 1999
 Updated on: 4th Sep, 2003